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Can I link to my admin forum on FAF?

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Howdy folks,

Over the years, many admin and webmaster forums have rules against linking to other forums considered direct competition. The problem with that approach was that it discouraged forum owners from growing their communities because other forums were not interested in sharing their traffic and members. In the end, the decline of forum popularity only hurt the forum owner and member economy. This is because forum owners were too busy competing against one another rather than helping each other and growing a large community of message forums that could have stuck around more than what it is today.

But it isn't the end of the online community.

Social media has been the dominant force behind the online community. However, lately, social media has been having major problems. Many are violating member privacy. Some are making changes to require members to pay to be seen by their audience. Social media is starting to destroy itself and remove public trust. Forum owners can take full advantage of this now!

But to do that, we must quit being as competitive with each other as we were before social media took our communities away from us.

Forum owners are much like influencers. Instead of competing with one another, we can collaborate and share. And then everyone wins.

Can I link to my admin forum on FAF?

Yes, you can. We have no and will never have a policy or rule against linking to competitive forums. Even if you don't allow us to link to yours, we've evolved and will not have the same rule here. We suggest you evolve, too, or go extinct - your play.