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Building a team

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Nov 22, 2022
Were you successful in building a productive team for your forum? How did you start?
I think the first step is setting expectations.

I tell anyone who wants to join the staff that I look for active members who contribute to the forum. Not just filler content or off-topic posts, I want to see new topics that engage the community.

I want to see friendliness and a willingness to help others.

I want to see someone who makes a new member feel welcome.

I want to see something who can handle a tough situation with responsibility and hold back aggressive emotions.

And I make that fairly clear to those who are interested in joining the team :)

Great topic, Dilip!
Thanks Shawn :)

Nice tips. How long do you handle everything before you build a team? Do you give it a year or so? Or work on it early enough?