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Blocking those who use ad blockers

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Some forum owners block users from using their forum if they're using ad-blocking software.

By blocking an ad, you don't see the ad, and the forum owner running the ad may not get paid for the ad because of it.

Personally, I could never practice this because I feel it is an invasion of their privacy and ability to choose their own use of the internet.

I'm interested in what you all think, especially those of you who might think it is okay to block them.

I'd love to know why you think it is justified.
As a user, I simply move on when there is an anti-adblocker. There are enough alternatives on the internet.

As a webmaster / admin, I know how a user thinks. So it is a choice between increasing the bounce rate or finding alternate ways to engage with a customer.
I don't block ads myself, but I get why people do.

On websites where I have AdSense enabled, I don't allow it to use full-page ads or those ads you have to close out. I find them annoying myself, so I'm sure others would too!

But while I don't block ads, if I come onto a website or forum with too many ads that interfere with what I'm doing, I usually log off of them and never return.
Some ads are malicious too. There is definitely a safety concern. The best mode of browsing is with scripts blocked.
No, Adsense is not. Almost 100% of the time the code is neat. But there are cases when the service is not.

But there are a thousand other ad providers who trick publishers into hosting malicious code.
Blocking users from joining a forum is never a good idea unless they're a complete nuisance. People have got every right to block adverts if they don't want to see them, sure it be annoying for anyone getting paid but it's a bit petty really.
I like the way admins are promoting social logins instead of regular ones. People can log in using Google or FB making the registration process easier for both sides. Also helps defeat bots and spammers to a great extent.
I wouldn't mind ads on a forum if they were done tastefully, say for example, a normal sized banner ad on all pages.
Also, instead of blocking users who use ad-blockers, I would say that asking users to disable ad-blockers nicely would be better. I know I would disable ublock on sites that serve non-intrusive ads and ask.

Ads like the one on CNET that follow you down the page warrant the use of adblockers everywhere
I seriously miss " Can't agree more! " smiley :)
Blocking ad-blockers would be justified only if we lived in a magical world where nobody used overly invasive or malicious ads. Unfortunately, the world we actually do live in is far from that. I have disabled my ad blocker on particular sites in the past to support them if they were considerate with their use of privacy respecting ads, but those sites are few and far between.