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Best VPS Hosting Service/Worst VPS Hosting Service

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Pretty happy with Digital Ocean at present.

Previously was with BuyVM (Frantech) who were small, cheap, and mostly OK, and before that Slicehost who were great before they were bought out by Rackspace.
I like DO. But they kind of link your card and make it pay as you use. I wonder what happens if someone floods your VPS.
Rackspace is fine if you need support and don't mind paying a premium for it. I can do my own support, so don't need that.

The only extra cost you could get charged on DO for is excess outbound data transfers. Pretty sure this is the same anywhere.

Bandwidth is granted per instance but pooled to account level. I have 5TB bandwidth across my 2 VMs and typically use about 1.2-1.4TB a month. If I go over 5TB I would be charged at a rate of $10 / TB, which is hardly excessive. Hasn't happened yet.

You can set up billing alerts in case this happens.
Not bad.

I've used DreamHost for over 15 years now.

They're shared hosting isn't that good or at least it wasn't 15 years ago.

But I do like their VPS. I have two machines, a web server one and a mysql server.
I've been on a Hetzner 4vCPU/8GB RAM/160 GB SSD storage plan for the past several months. Pay a whopping $16 a month for it.
The one thing I don't like about them is you have to manually pay each month unless you link your bank account with them. Also if you want to run something like AlmaLinux, they don't (or didn't when I set mine up) any prebuilt images... you have to manually install.
My go-to used to be RamNode... but they got bought out by InMotion Hosting... so not sure if they are still the "same" when it comes to support/quality.
To get what I have with Hetzner from Ramnode would be running me around $42 a month.
At one time, I was having issues with DreamHost and was going to move to Liquid Web. Have you heard of them?

DreamHost corrected the issue and made it good for me so I essentially stayed with them.