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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
Have any of you ever used BBPress as a forum software option?

This is an addon into the popular WordPress software.

This is from the BBPress about page:


  1. GPL, Open Source, always and forever
  2. Less (code) is more
  3. Code is poetry
  4. Simplicity is a feature
  5. Speed & security are paramount to a great user experience
Do you think that is a good philosophy to have for a forum software provider?

What would make you want to use BBPress?

What would make you not want to use BBPress?
I don't think it works that way. You will have to buy a premium addon to get YouTube embed.
I don't think it works that way. You will have to buy a premium addon to get YouTube embed.
It actually looks like auto-embedding YouTube is a default feature!

Auto-embed links allows the user to have the ability to automatically embed any Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Imgur images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies. This is powered by the oEMBED feature inside of WordPress. For a full list of what oEMBED supports in bbPress and WordPress go here.

To enable the ability to use oEMBED on bbPress topics and replies:

  1. Go to Settings > Forums in the WordPress backend
  2. Then in the Forum Features section make sure “Embed media (YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc…) directly into topics and replies” is enabled

Thanks. The last time I checked it was different. Maybe another WordPress forum. I will take a look.
It's pretty good for Wordpress sites but I am personally not a fan as to get the same features as say phpBB or MyBB you have to have over a gazillion plugins.