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I like taking walks in nature sometimes, but I'm not a notably outdoorsy person by nature. I used to love nature walks though- learning about the wild plants that are safe and not safe, etc. In fact, that's what inspired my handle! :D
I like playing games, whether it be video games or card games or other types of things.
Talking to people in general is also always fun for me. I'm about to join a voice all right now.
Forums in general are also always a blast. So I'll be here during my voice call, probably. xD
Oh! And reading!
I read mostly fiction... But the type varies mostly on my mood. Most recently was office romance, but right now I'm craving fantasy more, I think.
Um... I'm currently writing a story about a guy who can see curses. I've done a bit of everything. Time travel, ghosts, all that jazz.
I have, though I never published the couple I managed to finish (they need serious rewriting because I was a kid when I was better at finishing things). I'm still working on books though. Just... Not solely on them anymore.
I try to do preliminary edits myself, yes. I do tend to ask others to take a look as well, though. Even an editor needs an editor when they write sometimes!
On a related note, I think you're about as fast as a forum poster as I am! Before I even post something, there are topics from you waiting for me haha. Keep it up :)

Where do you live at?
I wanted to be a teacher for special needs children growing up, but now game development feels promising. :)