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Anyone use Grammarly?

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I use the free version of Grammarly when I want to write a terse email, but appear to be posh and proper while doing it.

Sending a properly worded email tends to get better results than an email containing "omg your service sucks lololol"
As an editor, I admit sometimes I need an editor myself... But I prefer going to an actual person, because I've seen Grammarly miss quite a bit before...
Grammarly sometimes induces errors. I have experienced it a lot and try to depend on it only for spelling errors.
Grammarly isn't perfect by any means.

I don't accept every change it recommends. Like it asks me to have a diplomatic tone a lot, I choose to ignore those suggestions.

It can produce errors.

You should definitely use YOU as the ultimate editor but I feel that Grammarly does help :)