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Amazon or Walmart?

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Jun 27, 2022
Amazon is the most popular online store that offers eCommerce services. They have so many products listed on their website which are of good quality as well. Walmart is equally a good one on its own operation coverage. If you have used both of their eCommerce services, which one do you think offers the best services?
I use both these days. And I think they are about the same in many ways.
I haven't used Walmart the way I have 4used Amazon. It's the only thing that keeps making me go more to Amazon. I need to do explore more out of Amazon but it's just that they haven't given me any reason to dump them.
I like Walmart. It may not be globally available like Amazon, but the way the customer service works is always great. When you buy from Walmart, you will see the difference in customer focus.
Amazon used to get my pick but it seems like everything I get from there doesn't last over a year.

I try not to shop at Walmart if I can help it.

I usually go local. It costs more but it helps the local economy which helps me and I get better customer service.