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Advertise your forum on forums without advertising your forum.

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
The title seems a little confusing, right?

Advertise your forum on forums without advertising your forum.

Some forums are not going to allow you to advertise your forum. That's their rule and you should respect it.

But you can still advertise your forum without advertising your forum.

You can do this by advertising yourself as an expert in the niche.

But make sure you you do so with respect and kindness so you don't get seen as arrogant.

By helping other on other forums with your expertise, you advertise yourself. People will look you up and want to see what you're up to. Make sure when looking you up, your forum is clearly identified.

Are any of you using this method at all? Do you have a similar scenario or story of this type of forum marketing tactic?