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Active Exchanges with HOST

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Jun 22, 2022
Hello! I have an eco-friendly forum called Holistic, Organic, Secular & Tolerant. HOST for short. I have done Post Exchanges with many people before & I enjoy helping forums out.
What I'm looking for is Active Exchanges. Just commit to being on each other's forums. No number required. I feel it causes less stress. I do however appreciate at least one line's worth in a reply.
I'm on once a week for another's forum. Please note, while this is Active, if you're not on my forum after a month, I will stop my Exchanges until I hear from you.
I post an intro & upload an avatar. If people know me, they know I like to welcome newbies, acknowledge birthdays, & other special milestones on forums. That is why I like Active Exchanges so we can help each other's forums out in those small, yet major, topics.

Post here or PM me. Please don't start until I okay it.

Thank you for reading :)