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A different kind of general forum (idea)

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Shawn Gossman

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Jun 17, 2022
So, today I thought about an idea for a general forum.

I don't have any plans to do this idea though but hear the idea out anyways...

You create a general "all topics" forum. You start with one forum.

Community Center

The community center forum acts as a town hall sort of feature.

New members post in it. They earn credits for posting. The credits are forum currency. They can earn more credits for doing other things like referring members, playing lotto, whatever and etc.

You tax members each month and deduct credits

When members get enough credits, they can rent real estate. Real estate is a forum section of their own. They can call it what they want and make up the rules. But you'd want to have "global laws" all members must follow.

Then the forum section renters could post to gain more credits, rent sub-boards to other members to earn money and etc. (the main forum gets a cut)

It would be like a community. It could be like a gaming and forum experience.

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think?
As long as we can make it work, there are no bad ideas.

Points or forum currency are one good thing happened to communities in a while.
As long as we can make it work, there are no bad ideas.

Points or forum currency are one good thing happened to communities in a while.
It would be interesting to see how a forum like that would wind up.

It would make posting fun.

Give people the ability to be a big part of the community but with emphasis that they be active or lose everything to the tax person! :LOL:
A store would be nice, I guess.
So, I keep thinking about it...

The way the currency (credit) system would work is members would earn credits for daily activity, new topics, posting, and referrals.

But they'd also be taxed each month (or week, however you want to do it)

There could be "jobs" where members create content and sell it to other members who want it on their boards, everyone (including the forum) gets a cut and its taxed.

There could be official jobs like moderator, support, and etc. that earn credits but also are taxed.

The gamification of the idea is that people keep being active on the forum to continue earning and buying and paying taxes.