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Forum Marketing 30 Forum Marketing Tactics for 2023

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30 Forum Marketing Tactics for 2023​

Forum marketing feels impossible in a world where forums feel like a dying breed, don’t they?

Social media is more popular. All the forum software platforms aren’t making any significant updates. Free forum hosting services are dropping left and right. It just feels like a waste of time.

What if forum marketing in 2023 is possible? What if I told you that you could still get plenty of people in your community who would be active? You’d probably think I needed sleep, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you how to promote your forum in 2023 using these excellent 30 forum marketing tips.

Tip 1: Automate Forum Marketing​

If you can automate it, then you should do just that.

Many tools, for example, will auto-post your forum content to social media.

Try to automate as much of your forum marketing as possible to focus on other things.

Tip 2: Focus on Pleasing Everyone​

Everyone is your asset, and you should treat them that way.

Stay away from cliques on a forum. Treat everyone like they’re the essential member of the forum.

Your job is to please everyone in the community. Make sure you do just that.

Tip 3: Build an Email List​

Create an external newsletter next to your forum. Mail Chimp offers a generous free plan.

You can communicate with forum members without worrying about server email problems.

And if your forum goes sour, you still have communication with your audience.

Tip 4: Consider New Technology​

Maybe your software is too old. You may need to move to a modern platform.

Sometimes you have to embrace change and evolve with the times.

If moving means starting over, it might be for the best.

Tip 5: Write Conversationally​

Create posts that talk to your members directly.

Ask questions. Make it personal. Keep it engaging.

Forums are about community. Keep it about community.

Tip 6: Get a Custom Theme​

Consider a custom theme for your community.

Even if it’s a pre-made theme, at least customize it to be unique.

The idea is not to look like the next forum.

Tip 7: Facebook Ads​

Facebook Ads are a lot more expensive than they used to be.

But they’re worth using for forum marketing.

But you have to tweak everything fine and get as detailed as possible.

Tip 8: Create a Forum Marketing Strategy​

The best way to win at forum marketing is to strategize.

A good strategy will go a long way.

Create a forum marketing strategy and stick to it.

Tip 9: Post Entertaining Content​

Post nothing but entertaining content.

Keep your content happy, funny, and highly informational.

You want to keep people coming back for more.

Tip 10: Copywriting​

Use copywriting in your guest messages.

Use copywriting in your forum descriptions.

Use copywriting everywhere and sell your community to your members.

Tip 11: Google Ads​

Just like with Facebook ads, it’s about tweaking the ad to match your audience.

Buy Google ads for forum marketing purposes.

It’ll be easier to convert search engine visitors than social media members.

Tip 12: Forum SEO​

Forum SEO is more complicated with a forum, but not impossible.

If your software offers SEO add-ons, you might invest in it.

At least do everything you can to optimize your forum for search engines.

Tip 13: Google Search Console​

Be sure to create a Google Search Console account for your forum.

Google will tell you what you need to do to rank better.

It is beneficial when you want to improve your SEO.

Tip 14: Google Analytics 4​

Learn the newest Google Analytics (GA4).

Those reports are incredibly customizable.

They’ll tell you everything little detail about your forum.

Tip 15: Buy Forum Ads​

Find other forums that sell ads.

But ads on those forums.

They already have members who enjoy forums – win/win situation!

Tip 16: Post Exchanges​

Conduct post exchanges often.

Keep the content coming in.

Only exchange with those who give quality content.

Tip 17: Buy Forum Posts​

Buy forum posts.

Just not from robots and scripts.

Keep the new content flowing in.

Tip 18: Article Section​

Have an article section focusing on your main niche.

Write new articles as much as you can.

Use SEO tactics within your articles.

Tip 19: Social Pages​

Create some social media pages for your forum.

Build an entirely new community on social media pages.

Promote your forum to them.

Tip 20: YouTube​

Create a YouTube Channel for your forum.

Post at least a few videos a month.

Always promote your forum in the videos.

Tip 21: Form a Relationship​

Every member is your new best friend.

Form a bond with them and turn them into loyal forum members.

But you have to make the first move.

Tip 22: Promotion Forums​

Promotional forums are still good for forum marketing.

Promote your forum on them.

Use their promotion services, too.

Tip 23: Admin Forums​

Admin forums are great for forum promotion.

Use their promotion features.

And their members already love forums.

Tip 24: Mimic Competition​

Spy on your forum competition.

Mimic what they’re good at.

Don’t mimic what they’re bad at.

Tip 25: Problem Solve​

Find the biggest problems in your niche.

Solve them.

Put the solution on your forum.

Tip 26: Be Active​

Post every day.

And Post every day.

And then post every day.

Tip 27: Keep it on the Forum​

Avoid features that take away from the forum.

If the forum can handle the feature, keep it on the forum.

Members need to keep posting, don’t take that away from them.

Tip 28: Start Small​

Create very few categories and sections at first.

Keep your boards active by starting small.

Add more when the community and demand grow.

Tip 29: Continue Forum Marketing​

Keep your forum marketing process going.

It’s a never-ending task.

You want to make sure you get better at it each time.

Tip 30: Don’t Give Up​

The worst thing you can do is give up.

Just keep going.

What do you have to lose?

That was 30 forum marketing tips to help you keep your forum active in 2023. I hope you enjoyed these tips.