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10 Engaging Forum Topic Ideas​

It can be hard to create engaging forum topics, especially when most forums post quick one-liners to get discussions going.

You have to think about discussion ideas. You have to consider your niche. You have to make sure the topic ideas are original. It is a complex system to create engaging forum topics, right?

What if I were to tell you that it’s not that difficult? All you need to do is get some inspiration to create engaging forum topics.

In this article, I will give you ten different engaging forum topic creation ideas that you can use on your own forum repeatedly so that you never run out of ideas.

1 – How To Posts will Create Forum Topics​

Create posts that show forum members how to do something associated with your niche.

For example, if you’re in a gaming forum, you could show members how to win at a challenging level of a specific game. If you’re a general forum, you can focus on different topics to show members how to do something.

Whether your forum is gaming, general, or anything else, the how-to content should be trending and extremely useful if you want to make an engaging forum topic.

2 – Political Posts​

Sometimes this is controversial, and not everyone wants to make them (including myself), but political posts often get high levels of engagement.

If your forum isn’t political or niche, and you still want to use this engaging forum topic idea, you can say something political about your niche.

For example, let’s say you have a gardening forum. You can post a topic stating that some government bans their citizens from collecting rainfall used for gardening because the water isn’t their water to use, or for whatever reason, they ban it. It’s politically motivating and will get attention.

3 – Beginner Guides​

Every niche has beginners, and those new people are always looking to improve and learn more about the industry.

You could make a great beginner’s guide as an engaging forum topic. Cover the best points that will help get a member on the right track to getting better with what you all talk about.

For example, if you have a weightlifting forum, you could create a guide showing new weightlifters how to improve their strength training abilities to take on more weight.

4 – Ultimate Guides​

The following guide after a beginner’s guide is the ultimate guide, and people like these.

Focus on showing something about how to become an expert in your niche. Cover every point you can think of and provide valuable information.

A great example would be a forum about mountain biking. Show the member what mountain bikes to choose from, different kits, upgrade parts, techniques for technical trails, and pro advice for mountain bike racing. The idea is that the guide will make the reader a near-expert mountain biker.

5 – Frequently Asked Questions​

Create a list of frequently asked questions about the niche and industry.

You can make this an engaging forum post by using questions that members are asking of your forum. Create a different topic by asking them the questions and then make a topic with answers, all organized for better understanding.

An example of this could be on a computer forum. You create a list of FAQs and answers on making a computer faster and more secure when it is old. Many people don’t want to get rid of their older computers, and you can help them solve their biggest questions.

6 – An Interview Makes an Engaging Forum Topics​

Interviewing others makes for excellent, engaging forum posts because people love to learn about others in their industry.

You can practically use this on every niche, too. If you have a general forum, focus on the most active and liked members of the forum. Other members likely find those interviews to be very interesting.

You can make the interview an engaging forum post by allowing readers to ask questions to the interviewee at the end of the article.

7 – Review Posts​

People love reviews. You should make review posts if your niche has products and services and uses them.

The best kind of review is a very detailed review. Get on Google search and start looking up reviews related to your niche. Find the very best and pay attention to how they’re structured. Your review should be as detailed as possible, but with the details, people are looking for.

If you have a technology forum, you might buy some new tech everyone wants, use it for a few days, and then give it a thorough review. Add photos, review text, and even videos to improve it.

8 – Breaking News​

The best way to make an engaging forum post with news content is to be the one who breaks it.

You won’t be the first to break it, of course. But you could be one of the first forums to post about it if you’re quick and attentive. Subscribe to industry news sites and pay attention to the updates so that you can break the news quickly as it comes in.

If your forum is about soccer (or football to many of you) and you break the latest news, it can summon other members to start engaging in your content while they’re excited about the news of their favorite sporting event.

9 – Article Series​

Article series is a great way to engage with members and keep the engagement going as you post new articles within the series.

It’s up to you how many articles to post in a series. If I were to have made a series on how to create an engaging forum topic instead of this list, I would have made ten articles in the series focusing more information on each one of these topic ideas.

A series is an excellent post if you want engagement, shares, and excitement over new articles. You have to make sure it is a trending topic to write about.

10 – A Top 10 List Makes a Great Engaging Forum Post​

A top 10 list makes for a tremendously engaging forum topic.

This topic is engaging because it gives you ideas about what new forum topics to add to your forum. Everyone is looking for engaging topic ideas for their communities. A top 10 list showing you how to accomplish that will likely be read.

In blogging, list articles are some of the best ways to get to page one on Google Search. Take a success story from blogging and apply it to your forum. People like lists!

And that’s ten engaging forum post ideas for you to use today. Have you used any of these on your forum? If yes, which have been the most successful? If you could add an eleventh idea, what would it be?