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Forum Marketing 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website Online

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Are you struggling to promote your website online these days?

You don’t have to struggle as much as you might think. There are countless ways to promote your website online that are simple. They’re free, too!

I use the following tactics myself, and I only have good news to report. These are what I go by, and they are what you should go by, too.

So, without further delay, let’s jump into ten easy ways to promote your website online.

1 – The best content​

Are you making the best possible content?

We now live in a swipe society. If someone doesn’t like what they immediately see, they’ll swipe to something else. So, creating the best possible content is of the utmost importance.

I’m always looking at my competition. I like to look at what creations they have made that people love the most. I then recreate it in my own words, but then I add to it that they left out. Copying the work of others is just copying unless you add to it.

Start making the best possible content you can make. Solve the biggest challenges in your industry. And you’ll get loads of traffic in no time.

2 – User experience​

Are you offering your audience the best user experience possible?

Your website must be user-friendly. And more than anything, it must be mobile-friendly. Look at your website from your phone and ask how easy it is to navigate. Everyone is on their phone these days. That’s whom you need to optimize for.

A simple thing I have done is changed the way I write. I write shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs. People (including myself) skim-read, where they keep the screen moving as they read. No one wants to sit there and read a huge essay.

Make sure you’re working to improve the user experience on your website every chance you get.

3 - Keyword research and targeting​

Are you tapping into the right search engine optimization strategies on your website?

The basic SEO strategies are keyword selection, research, and targeting. The internet is too competitive and oversaturated not to use SEO these days. Learn the basics of SEO and improve over time.

I focus on my keywords, placement of keywords, and link building. And most of all, back to the first suggestion of this article, work on making the best content possible.

Ensure you don’t overdo SEO and practice strategies that might get your website banned from Google altogether!

4 - Social media​

Are you using social media to your advantage to promote your website?

Social media works well to promote websites if used correctly. The amount of people on social media is staggering when comparing their other activities and the types of websites they’re on. So, of course, you’d want to target people from social to visit your website.

I use social media to get the bulk of my traffic. But I’ve had to build a brand with it and convert followers into a community. Sure, it takes some work to do, but not much work. If you want the best results, give them more than you’re trying to sell them.

You're probably missing out on the most terrific traffic if you’re not using social media to promote your website.

5 –YouTube​

Are you using YouTube to promote your website? Because you sure should be!

Video is so popular that Instagram and Facebook are no longer trying to invent new features. They’re going straight to what TikTok is and devoting most resources to video. Video is where it’s at; if you’re not with video, you’ll get left behind in the dust.

I’ve integrated my website seamlessly into YouTube. It is even a part of my intro speech. I link to it on my video descriptions, too.

The trick to being a successful YouTuber is making videos about the same niche as your website; you should do just fine.

6 - Podcasting​

Podcasting is turning into a pretty big deal. Are you using it to promote your website at all?

Podcasting gives you so many opportunities to promote your website. You can mention it on the shows, make a commercial for it, and even shape your podcast entirely around it. And people are consuming podcasts about as much as videos these days.

I’ve found that creating a podcast show as part of your website name is always best. This way, you have your website already established, and you can add podcasting as a new function.

Just don’t procrastinate about making a podcast, as many people do. Turn your phone on and start recording your podcast because that is all you need at first.

7 - Reciprocal links​

One of the oldest ways to promote your website is through reciprocal links, which still works well.

Find relevant websites that share your same niche and ask for a link exchange. Buying and selling links are frowned upon by Google, but trading links on relevant websites is still okay. You need more backlinks to help give your website a better search engine ranking.

I get other bloggers to link to my relevant content in exchange for me to do the same for their blog content. I’ve found that method to be pretty effective.

But don’t give up if a website you want to exchange links with says no. Just keep trying until you find a suitable partner.

8 – Guest blogging​

Guest blogging is a great way not only to promote your website but it’s a great way to promote your reputation, too.

Guest blogging is a great way to get more visitors. This is especially true if you create an excellent blog post. Typically, guest bloggers can have their websites linked in their bios. If you create high-quality content, you have a better chance of someone wanting to learn more about you, which often results in website visits.

I write my guest blogs as if I am writing for my website. I put in much time and tried to perfect the article as best as possible.

The best way to get guest blogging jobs is to get out there and ask to do it. Until then, you’re just losing opportunities to get your link out there.

9 – Message forums​

Many message forums still allow members to have signatures and website links on their profiles.

You can join message forums and add your website to your signature (if allowed), be active on the forum, and get plenty of website traffic for free. But you need to be active on the forum for these tactics to work.

I join forums and work on getting active first. I then befriend people on the forum and bring it to where everyone is used to and enjoys me. Then, if allowed, I’ll add my signature link and remain active on the forum. This is a great way to promote your website with a still-working old-school method.

Make sure you’re joining forums related to your niche if you want these methods to be truly effective.

10 - Newsletter​

A newsletter is a great way to remind others to check your website for new information.

A newsletter is a great way to build an audience. This is especially true if you’re providing much value and growing an extensive mailing list. You can use your mailing list to reach people about your website and any news you have to share. It often serves as an excellent reminder for people to return to your website as long as you have updated information for them to see.

I use my newsletter to promote recent articles from my website. I also encourage recent videos from my YouTube channel, which links to my website in their descriptions. Cross-promoting is your most significant friend here.

Don’t feel you need to get popular to start a newsletter, either. Just create it, start promoting it, and let it grow on its own.

These have been 20 ways to promote your website. These methods have worked repeatedly for many website owners for many years. I use them all the time and have had much success with each of them. Please comment below if you liked this article, and feel free to share it.