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Hakuna Matata
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Jun 20, 2022
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Off Topix
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Off Topix is a well established general discussion forum that originally opened to the public way back in 2009! We provide a laid back atmosphere and our members are down to earth. We have a ton of content and fresh stuff is constantly being added. We cover all sorts of topics, so there's bound to be something inside to pique your interest. We welcome anyone and everyone to register & become a member of our awesome community.


Stop by and check us out today! :)
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We are constantly adding fresh new topics. Check out our What's New page to see what's on the menu for today.
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Thirteen years ago (on September 20th, 2009) Off Topix originally launched as the Wober Discussion Community. We've gone through several transformations over the years. Back in 2009 we started out on a free forum software called phpBB. Once the community started to gain some traction I opted to convert the forum to a paid software. vBulletin was the hot software at the time so I bought a license for that and switched over to that platform for a while. After that we spent some time on IPB, MyBB and finally landed on Xenforo. In 2016 the forum closed it's doors and after a 6 year hiatus, we returned in June 2022. We returned to the internet with a fresh new identity! The forum was rebranded and relaunched as Off Topix. Members (old and new) swarmed back to the forum when they heard we were open again and activity has been booming! OT truly is an amazing community and I am thrilled to announce our 13th anniversary!

Happy birthday OT!

Cheers to many many more anniversaries!

Come celebrate with us here: offtopix.com/threads/13th-anniversary.39341

Your friendly OT Staff Team
As of today it's been 6 months since OffTopix.com relaunched! Half a year!

Since reopening in June, we've seen:
  • Around 100 original Wober have logged back into their accounts to reconnect with old friends!
  • Nearly 130 new members have joined our community!
  • The community's overall post count has increased by 60,000 posts!
  • 4,000 new discussion threads have been created!
  • We're averaging 10,000 posts a month which means we've been extremely chatty!
  • We've cultivated a laid back and down to earth atmosphere where all members feel comfortable expressing themselves.
I just wanted to say thank you to all the members over at OffTopix.com!

OT Staff Team


I am pleased to announce that Off Topix has reached 40,000 threads!

OffTopix.com's post count is nearly 515,000 which means when a member creates a thread there, conversations happen!

If you do the math, on average any thread posted there gets around 13 replies. Of course there are some threads that get less replies and some that get way more (Chit Chat Zone for example).

I am happy we have all these exciting milestones to celebrate!

Happy chatting folks!

Your friendly OT Staff Team


The milestones keep on coming over at Off Topix!

In June we relaunched the community. In September we celebrated our 13th anniversary!

....and now we are excited to announce that
we've reached half a million posts!

Come celebrate with us here: offtopix.com/threads/500k

Your friendly OT Staff Team

Update: Off Topix has already increased it's overall post count by over 20,000 posts since hitting our recent 500k milestone. :)
All of us over at OffTopix.com just wanted to wish you a happy new year! 🥳

May the new year bring you peace, joy, and happiness. ❤️

We look forward to posting with you on the forum in 2023! 🎉
Think you've got a great forum mate and you should be very proud of it.
Thank you @Elseb, are you a member there? If not, we'd love to have you!

Aww thanks!

It’s been 7 ½ months since Off Topix reopened and we are thriving! Come join in on the fun! ❤️
I'll check it out during the week! Find it difficult to visit a lot of forums as it is haha
We are constantly adding fresh new topics. Check out our What's New page to see what's on the menu for today.
Link: New posts

550,000 POSTS!

Congratulations to the Off Topix community for reaching 550,000 posts!

When we reopened 9 months ago we had 450,000 posts which means we’ve been averaging around 11,000 posts per month since then. We sure are a chatty bunch!