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We are a site targeted towards those interested in Astronomy/Astrophotography.
We target those that are just getting into the field to those that have been there for many years.
We offer articles created by users, a ShowCase where you can highlight your equipment, the ever-present media gallery, an area to review various equipment you have purchased, a Classifieds option for our users and a Link Directory to sites related to astronomy/astrophotography.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 6.40.00 AM.png

We are using several of Bob's add-ons.
Link Directory
Article Management System (AMS)
Classifieds Ads
Link Directory (we have NO problems with posting competing sites there)
Nobita/Truolongv Groups Add-on

Some of the examples of what our users are generating on the site






And a personal more recent processing of the HorseHead Nebula that I am working on captures for.. color is lacking as I haven't reached that point in processing yet.


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