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All Things Must Come To An End, Right?

Online communities are definitely not at their end. Maybe many forum-specific ones are fading off into more modern community platforms.

I'm still into online communities. I get paid to manage one. I plan to blog about them. Forums can definitely use my advice but the sense of a community in my upcoming articles will be geared at all types of community platforms.

I still run one forum dedicated the blogging help, which is something I love doing more than running a community. I'm a blogging addict, that's for sure. It's at BloggingCollective.com, and you're welcome to join if you get into blogging.

Where to go to get your forum management fix?

There are a few out there:

  1. For Invision Communities: https://www.invisioneer.org/
  2. For Forum Promotion: https://forumpromotion.net/
  3. For admin talk: https://admin-junkies.com/

Those places are way more active than this place.

Thank you all for a fun experience. You can definitely keep in touch with me if you'd like :)

shawn (at sign) shawngossman (dot) com

Wish you the best of luck!